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R Souls

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R Souls



1. Introduction


R Souls is a club meeting to discuss the actuarial uses of R.


2. Member of Lloyds' R Souls


Please add your name if you want to be on the distribution list for meetings.


Trevor Maynardtrevor.maynard@lloyds.com
Markus Gesmannmarkus.gesmann@lloyds.com
Nigel DesilvaNigel.DeSilva@thomasmiller.com
Junsang Choijunsang.choi@loyds.com
Chibisi Chima-OkerekeChibisi.Chima-Okereke@lloyds.com
Simon BrickmanSimon.Brickman@beazley.com
David HughesDavid.Hughes@beazley.com
Liz LotzLiz.Lotz@lloyds.com
Vinay Mistryvinay.mistry@lloyds.com


If you have any queries on attending this meeting, please contact Junsang Choi.


3. Time table for the meeting


30/11/2006Lloyd's, G5 Room 6aPackage written in C calling from R
24/11/2006Lloyd's, G5This is driving me loopy!
17/11/2006Lloyd's, G5Copula Cont.
10/11/2006Lloyd's, G5How to create class and object
03/11/2006LLoyd's, G5 Room 6Why copulas?
20/10/2006Lloyd's, G5 Room 6ageneral-purpose optimization function for curve fitting
13/10/2006Lloyd's, G5 Room 7XML and KML


4. Desires


  • Reserving using lm and glm
  • XML in R to create a structure to generate KML


5. The list of the output of the Lloyds R user group










None of the views expressed here necessarily represent the views of our employers. The use of company email addresses does not imply company agreement.

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