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R Souls - 31March2006

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 8 months ago

Proposed agenda


1. Nothing to do with R...


Nothing to do with R - but note the use of HTML within this page. John previously pointed me at this site - which is just fantastic!! Thanks John.


2. Mixed Normal Copula



Following on from our discussions on 3 March. Here is the

R code which generated the pictures below



This is when I plot the ranks of the sample, I didnt expect this!!

Think I might have done something wrong....


3. Differences between R and S Plus






1. Nothing to do with R...


Have rejigged the front page to try HTML.


2. Mixed Normal Copula


Andreas to put on his paper on the subject.


Nigel will put on the Excel spreadsheet looking at this when his laptop has recovered.


3. Differences between R and S Plus


Here's a document from Insightful on this issue...


Comparing S-PLUS 6_2 and R.pdf


This document was written to compare the use of S-PLUS 6.2 and R for users in commercial environments. Since this document was published, both S-PLUS and R have changed considerably. In particular the way S-PLUS deals with large data sets has been completely re-architected in S-PLUS 7. See the white paper "Analyzing Large Data Sets with S-PLUS 7 Developer" (downloadable from: http://www.insightful.com/insightful_doclib/document.asp?id=167) for more information.

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