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R Examples For Actuaries

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 2 months ago

An Introduction to R: Examples for Actuaries


Nigel De Silva (nigel.desilva@thomasmiller.com)

Download entire series


I haven't finished putting this online or got the hang of formatting wiki pages yet. In order to see a more complete and somewhat prettier version, please

download the entire series as a pdf document.


Data files and scripts are provided here

Your contributions


If you would like to add you own examples, make comments or corrections, then please do so! You can either email directly or simply alter this page.

Online Version - Incomplete


1  Introduction

1.1 What is R?

1.2 R Packages

1.3 Online Resources


2  Some Preliminaries

2.1 Starting R in Windows

2.2 Getting help with functions and features

2.3 R Data Structures

2.4 R Graphics

2.5 Getting data into R

2.6 Getting data out of R

2.7 Examples Series



3 Examples

3.1 R as a Calculator

3.2 Data manipulation

3.3 Examining Distributions

3.4 Extreme Value Distributions

3.5 Generalized Linear Models – Stochastic Reserving

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