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It really isnt difficult.....


I have put some examples below, click the Edit this page button either above or below to see how the formatting works - remember you can open this website more than once - so you can have onc browser linked to this page and another linked to the page you are working on - then you can flick between them.


This is an example of a markup languange - basically you have to tell the program how you want the text to look; the good thing about this wiki is the text "language" is really simple to use.


If you're stuck please call Trevor on 020 7327 6141, or email on trevor.maynard@lloyds.com


This is how to link to a file (which you need to do when you upload your wiki comments)


* get the location of the file (e.g. a web address or, by right clicking on an uploaded file and choosing "copy shortcut")

* Type [location| some text of your choosing to describe it]




[http://www.actuaries.org.uk/| a website we all know and love]


Will produce the following link:

a website we all know and love





This is how to do bold.

...and italic

...and underlined

...and strikethrough

If you type ---, you get a line like the ones above and below this sentence.


A huge title

..and a smaller one

...and a smaller one

...getting the point?


a box


a table abcd


This is how to Create a new page (2 ways)

  • First, you can type a word with SeveralCapitalLetters (or even type NewPage), which will automatically create a link to that page! A dashed underline means the page doesn't exist yet.
  • Second, you can put [brackets] around any word to create a new page. For example, if you wanted a page named cars, you could just type [cars].


Click here for full details of editing options.

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