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Here is the first draft of the workshop slides. They are based upon the presentation I gave to ASSA in Johannesburg recently. You'll see there are two title slides. I prefer the second as I think it captures our message more clearly. Unfortunately, it is different to our original, but I'm not sure that matters? The last three slides are just placeholders for the relevent sections.




Here is an updated draft of the GIRO slides. I've just filled out the Wiki Toolkit section a bit, and added some more possible discussion points.


"If you limit your tools, you limit your horizons"


17.7 mins on: The need for change

The need for change

The Profession's strategy

Implications for individuals and The Toolkit Manifesto

2.3 mins on: Some useful tools

Web 2.0 has many of the same goals and provides some usful tools to help us.

In the UK we have been slow to adopt them.

5 mins on: The Toolkit Wiki

1. Describe use of wiki's for other Actuarial Working Groups

2. Demo how to create a simple page in 2 Minutes at the Workshop (Would need Projection Screen etc…)

20 mins on: What we could do if we changed

Action: All to upload your favorite graphs (e.g. Histogram, Box Whisker, Kernel smoothers in action etc

Action: Zenwirth example, "all you do is lm(data)...." Marcus, can you help?

Action: Declan anything you want to showcase?

15 mins discussion on: How can we encourage others to take part?

Action: All, list some questions we can ask the audience (below)


How to encourage attendance


Ask James Orr to plug us in his plenary? (If appropriate)

Action: Trevor (DONE, James happy to do this and looking at this page to get an idea of what's on offer!)

Survey "would you know how to do ...."

Action: TM to do on Survey monkey

Email those already attending

Action: Nigel/Trevor

Have a wiki stand? ("Wiki Pledge" Idea?)

Is this possible?

Pre-GIRO Brainstorming Session

15 Minutes Phone Conference in the next week or so?

Further Wiki PR

Add Wiki to "Useful Links" in UK/Irish/CAS Actuaries Websites

If you miss the workshop you can see it later on the wiki? Is this possible?

Plug the wiki rather that RSS/Blogs/Del.ic.ious etc so as not to swamp the newcomer. Once they visit the wiki all else can follow

Plug R as the wiki's "killer application"

Hand out "I've been to the wiki" stickers at the workshop, and ask attendees to wear them thereafter at GIRO

Questions for discussion - some ideas


1. Do we agree on the need for change?

2. Would you use the wiki?

3. What would you like to see on the wiki?

4. Is there a conflict with consultants?

5. How can we encourage actuaries to share online?

6. How can we get people to visit for the first time?

7. How can we get people to contribute for the first time?

8. How can the wiki become the "first port of call" for an actuary with a question?

9. How should the wiki be maintained in future?

Questions - some more following Nigel/Trevor/Markus discussion


  1. Is the actuarial profession just "selling water"; is "actuarial science" just kings clothes? Are we falling behind?
  2. We need peer reviewed tools? Are open source models (cat models, ICA models, reserving models) a good idea?
  3. Do consultancies need to change? How does the idea of collaberative working fit with consultancies? Are consultancies aware of how




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