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Welcome to the Toolkit Wiki!



Drawing on tools pioneered by the IT community, this Toolkit Wiki is aimed sharing knowledge and experience within the actuarial community.


A wiki is a set of web pages which users can add to or edit as they see fit with out having much or any knowledge of html. This tool has many applications, but here we (and we hope you) will use it as a platform to share knowledge and provide useful tools to other likeminded people.



Pages So Far

Software / Tools

Please list any useful software tools here.

Actuarial and Mathematical

Use this page to set out problems/issues to address.





Other Contributions


Working Party


  • The UK actuarial profession are talking about wikis!, Excellent News; which shows the toolkit working parties efforts have been fruitful - Well Done :)


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How to Contribute

You can comment on any page using the Comments tab at the top of each page.


This introduction provides a quick guide to editing a wiki page. You can also upload files to include in the wiki – this page describes how. You can safely practice editing pages in the SandBox or PlayArea.


If you would like to create a new page to discuss a particular topic, here is a sample proforma.


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