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ASCIIMathML.js sample page

This file was uploaded to the wiki after editing in an ascii text editor (notepad) If you "view source" on your browser you'll be able to see how the formulae below were created. I think it's similar to LaTex (which I (jdh) know nothing about!!! but I'm a good guesser ;)) There doesn't seem to be a delete function for uploaded files (maybe reloading the same file will write over old ones, that would be easiest)

Remember to surround formulas with left-quotes or \$-signs: `sum_(i=1)^n i=(n(n+1))/2` and $int_0^(pi/2) sinx\ dx=1$.

Note: this page uses a relative link to ASCIIMathML.js, so the script should be in the same folder as this sample file.

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